CMS Bible Study


            Each week, there is a girls and boys’ Bible Study at Crestview Middle School.  This is the middle school where Roanoke students attend.  The boys Bible study is supported by Seminary by buying refreshments.  Tom Gross leads the boys’ Bible study, along with help from Brian Milton and Jon Bordeaux, CMS teachers.  The girls’ Bible study is led by Nancy Durrwachter and Amanda Barnum.  The girls get financial support from Bible Baptist in Huntington.  The groups sometimes meet together.  Each Friday, teenagers wanting to learn more about God meet to study His word, work on discipleship, and lift each other up.   Early adolescents can be a difficult time and knowing that there are other followers of Jesus Christ can be a big relief.  Thank you, Seminary, for advancing the Word of God to some of the most impressionable community members.  As always, your generosity is very much appreciated.